Energy Minister suspends Tanesco’s IT and business manager, issues ultimatum to MD


Minister of Energy Dr.  Medard Kalemani has on Wednesday May 19, suspended Tanesco’s IT and business services manager, Lonus Feruzi plus his assistants Frank Mushi and Idda Njau, ordering them to provide details why the clients are unable to buy tokens since Monday.

Speaking to journalists  in Dar es Salaam Dr.  Kalemani said in the event that the information provided is not satisfactory, they should be fired.

For about three days, Tanesco clients have been unable to purchase tokens, forcing the corporation to direct its customers to purchase electricity at its regional and district offices in various parts of the country.

Despite the directions of where to buy the tokens still some clients were unable to access the tokens at the stations where they were directed.

Apart from suspending the IT and Business Manager, he also instructed the Managing Director of Tanesco, Tito Mwinuka to ensure that the token vending service is back by 2pm on Wednesday otherwise he should resign.

 “This is a gross negligence, you can’t run a system that is supposed to have a backup and then you don’t have a backup, you know when the system stops it stops all activities and then you just bring the words to the process.”

 “While these three have been  suspended first, I now want you (Tanesco MD) appoint people to run these machines right now,” said Dr Kalemani.

He also said that he wants the system to be run by Tanzanians.

“If there is a license signed by any foreigner when it expires and I have been told it expires in January, we will do it ourselves,” said Kalemani.

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