Manchester United fans attacked in Gdansk ahead of Europa League final against Villarreal


Manchester United fans were the target of an attack at a bar in Gdansk on Tuesday night as supporters arrived in the Polish city ahead of the Europa League final.

Videos circulating on social media showed a group of what appeared to be local individuals, dressed predominantly in dark clothes, chanting and running from a bar in the city, leaving tables and chairs overturned.

United confirmed that they are helping the victims of the attack, with the club issuing the following statement on Wednesday: “Club staff were assisting a number of United fans in Gdansk last night and today after an incident where some of our supporters were attacked outside a bar in the city.”

One eyewitness told Sky Sports News: “A gang of Polish hooligans came masked up all in black and they were throwing bottles, kicking and punching, they ransacked the whole bar. Worrying scenes.”

Another United fan in Gdansk said: “One of them came up to me, pushed me to the ground and started stamping on me multiple times. Luckily my dad came and helped me out but yeah it wasn’t very nice. A bit worrying.”

A third supporter recalled: “You don’t expect to see something like that at a final, we’re all here for a good time we were having a joke with the Spanish fans no problems at all and it just came out of nowhere.”

Local mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz condemned the attack on a group of between 20 and 30 fans, saying in a statement posted on Facebook that Gdansk was an open city with no place for violence.


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