Best 19 Sweet things to say to girl you just met.

Best 19 Sweet things to say to girl you just met.
Best 19 Sweet things to say to girl you just met.

1. I don’t know what you think of me, but I think about you all the time.

2. I constantly wonder if you think about me as much as I do about you.

3. I never believed in reincarnation, but after meeting you, I am sure I must have done something right in my past life.

4. I wish you were a coin. So I could keep you safe in my wallet and take you wherever I went.

6. When I wake up, I pray to God and thank him for bringing you in my life.

7. I can’t get you off my head because I want you to be there and mesmerize me.

8. Falling in love with you is the first step towards rising in life.

9. There are times when I feel lonely and vulnerable. At that time, the only self-help I look forward to is calling you and having you by my side.

10. When I look at you, I sort of believe that God is biased, and puts in a bit more effort and time in making some people.

11. You make me feel so special that I am content with everything life has had to offer me.

12. What’s the secret for looking more and more beautiful with each passing day?  

13. I will do anything and everything to ensure that you stay happy forever.

14. Talking to you everyday makes me realize how thankful I should be to have known a person like you.

15. God answered all my prayers by gifting you to me.

16. My heart to you is given; do give yours to me; we’ll lock them up together, and throw away the key.

17. I want you for always…days, years, and eternities.  

18. Come live in my heart and pay no rent.

19. Am so glad I met you

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