Mandatory Covid-19 testing for foreigners entering Zanzibar.

Dar es Salaam.

Zanzibar Health Minister Nassor Mazrui has said that no foreigner, especially from countries with high cases of Covid-19 such as Uganda and India will be allowed to enter the isles’ territory without testing for the deadly virus.

In issuing a directive, Mazrui said foreigners will undergo mandatory Covid-19 testing upon their arrival.

The Health Minister affirmed the instructions today June 24, 2021 when asked by The Citizen which action the government was taking to mitigate the impact of a third wave of the coronavirus.

In response, he said every foreigner must have Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing record.

“Even if a person is vaccinated or has tested for Covid-19, they must show a PCR, especially if they are from a country with high cases of the disease, and when they arrive here they will have to be tested again with the exception of those from countries with low cases.

“We cannot stop people from entering Zanzibar just because they have not been vaccinated, because we ourselves have not been vaccinated and we will only look at certification tests,” Mazrui said.


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