Aged 45 and above highly being affected by Covid-19, Kassim Majaliwa.

The prime minister of Tanzania Kassim Majaliwa have said that most people who get infected by Covid-19 third outbreak are those with the age of 45 years and above.

He also said that the citizens of Tanzania should take all the corrective measures on the issue of fighting against Covid-19 third outbreak, including all the activities of doing daily exercises, eating a balanced diet food and also the use of traditional methods (Kujifukiza).

The prime minister have also said that due to the different challenges facing Tanzania citizens such as the failure of visiting their relatives outside the country just because vaccinated people are required there, the government of Tanzania have brought Covid-19 vaccines that is anyone who is willing can be vaccinated.

He have also said that “we have only few Covid-19 affected citizens who need all your prayers so that they recover as soon as possible”.

The prime minister of Tanzania Kassim Majaliwa have said this early today after Eid-el-Adha prayer conducted at Mtoro mosque Dar Es Salaam.

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