5 Things Not to Be Confused About in a Relationship

5 Things Not to Be Confused About in a Relationship

1: What (Identity)

What (Identity)
What (Identity)

When after six months of calling somebody “my love” “my world” “my destiny” and throwing “I love you” and “I love you too” back and forth like table tennis, and you still can’t place a hand on what is going on, then there is problem

SEEK CLARITY now, before you will ask someone tomorrow “what are we?” and they will reply you that “we are nothing but Pencils in the hand of the creator” after five abortions.

2: Why the Relationship (Motive)

Even before the Relationship starts, settle the why.

√ Is it Love? Is it pity? Or Is it Lust?
√ Is it for friendship or marriage or for Fun?
√ If there’s one question I always ask people who come for counseling, it’s “Do you love him/her?” and “Does he/she love you” If No, then Why are you/they doing it?

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3: Where is it Going. (Destination)

Where is it Going. (Destination)

The Relationship is going, but you don’t know where it is going, after three years, it’s alright. A JOURNEY without a DESTINATION is most likely going to end up as a WASTE OF TIME. .

LADIES, Fear any young Man that cannot answer this question “Where is this Relationship headed?” Statements like “I don’t know for now, let’s see how it goes”

You don’t know for now, but you want me to be waiting, TILL WHEN? Remember, Chioma is still single. And YOUNG MEN, before you start pestering any lady for a Relationship, answer this question. “Where do I want it to end?”

4: When (Timeframe)

When (Timeframe)
When (Timeframe) When (Timeframe)

Many ladies I’ve counseled tell me each time they ask their ‘fiancee’ when he intends to “do something”, the replies are usually one of the following.

✔️ Don’t rush me (when you were rushing her to accept your proposal nko)
✔️ I’m not ready yet (and you asked her out, soldier ant bite you there)
✔️ I want to make money first (while Aunty is growing old, tomorrow you’ll now dump her for someone younger) As an Adult, date with a time frame in mind. Don’t date as if you’re immortal.

5: Do You Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life With this Person (Conviction)

5: Do You Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life With this Person (Conviction)

Be sure you actually intend to marry the person you accept/chose to date. I mean, as a lady for example, how can you be accept and be dating a Guy you don’t plan to marry?

What If he proposes tomorrow?
I leave you with this words of Wisdom “Confusion in a Relationship is a sign that there is no clarity” SEEK CLARITY IN THAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

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