President Samia on Mbowe’s case.

While members of opposition party Chadema are urging unconditional release of their Chairman Freeman Mbowe saying he is not a terrorist, President Samia Suluhu Hassan says that his charges were not motivated for political reasons.

President Samia has said what she knows is that the investigation into the allegations against Mbowe began in September 2020, but was not completed.

The head of state said all she knows isthat Mbowe was indicted along with others on charges of terrorism and economic sabotage.
President Samia stated that for the first time in an interview with the BBC’s news anchor Salim Kikeke  at State House, Dar es Salaam.

She said cases against the politician’s co-accused had already begun to be heard, but Mbowe’s investigation was not complete.

“We are done with the elections. I think the police have now completed their investigations, they needed him so that they can continue with their work. But if you remember Mbowe has not been in the country for a long time, he was in Nairobi.

“But when he came back to the country, he called for a constitutional protest. I think he did calculations knowing that he has such a case and the violence he is initiating, if he will be arrested then should say it’s because of the Constitutional demands,”said President Samia.

Samia said Mbowe’s case is in court and she is not at liberty to discuss it in detail, while advising that the matter should be left to the judiciary to do their job.

“Then they will show the world whether Mbowe’s allegations are true or not.”
On August 6, Mbowe and three others were charged new charges added on to the earlier offences making it six charges, including financing terrorist acts and raising money for terrorist acts.

Other alleged charges include.charges includes possession of a fire arm and possession of with police uniforms illegally.
Out of the six charges, Mbowe faces two counts of conspiracy and financing terrorist acts.

Whe she was asked on meeting with political party leaders, President Samia said will meet with them soon although didn’t say when.
 “I will meet them for sure that’s my promise, I will meet them. I first wanted them to form their own council which held elections a few weeks ago,” she said.

President Samia said even she wants to talk to political leaders to tell them her direction after the 2020 general election as in the process of building the country she does not choose people from the rulling party only.

“There in indication says that after the election, the winning party would build the country alone,” she said.
However President Samia said no matter what people defines Tanzania, it is the very democratic country.


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