Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II never wear the same hat twice?

It’s rumored that Queen Elizabeth never wears the same hat twice. If she does, she waits years to wear one again, and evidently, there’s a spreadsheet recording her exact outfit each day. So, what does she do with all of those hats? A one-time-only exhibit showcased the many hats and handbags she wore during public engagements. If you couldn’t make it to that exhibit, this epic timeline of Queen Elizabeth’s wackiest hats will fill you in.

One thing is true: The British take their hats as seriously as they take their tea. And although Queen Elizabeth may not be heard often, she is certainly always seen thanks to her flamboyant style. (By the way, here’s why she wears all those bright outfits in the first place.) Put the two together, and you have a recipe for fascinating—and fun!—fashion.

As the longest-reigning monarch in British history, there’s no end to the archival evidence of her avant-garde head décor. We’ve rounded up photos of the best (and brightest, literally!) hats the Queen has worn in her lifetime. Don’t miss these hilarious moments of Queen Elizabeth caught on camera!

Queen Elizabeth won’t let the decades bring down her style! She celebrated her 80th birthday in 2006 wearing a hot pink number with a matching hat, to boot. Its tilted silhouette and fuchsia plumes added a tasteful twist to the otherwise monochrome number. Aside from wearing a hat to almost every single event, here are the foods the British monarch eats every single day!

The Queen attended the 2013 opening of the Welsh Assembly in Wales wearing a blue turquoise hat with applique flowers. Though the hat might appear extravagant to the untrained eye, take a peek at Duchess Camilla, Prince Charles’s wife, behind her; the foliage on the second woman’s hat might change your mind. Here are the British laws Queen Elizabeth never has to follow!

If you are familiar with the Queen at all, you will know that this is not her usual attire. In fact, the black velvet hat with white plume feathers is a traditional pageantry piece, worn for the Serve for the Order of the Garter at St. George’s Chapel in 2013. Check out the exotic animals the English queen has received as gifts.

Queen Elizabeth attended the 2013 Royal Ascot, a horse race known for its strict hat dress code, in stunning style. She donned a white straw hat for a light summery touch, and then accented it with a blue plumage to match her attire of the same shade.

Queen Elizabeth turned 90 in 2016, but age has certainly not diminished the monarch’s flair for the flashy. During her birthday parade, she opted for this bright green number with a dazzling fuchsia flower.


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