Urgent financing of climate change, President Samia Suluhu.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan called for an urgent unlocking over climate change financing that will trigger plans targets, saying if the world will not act accordingly the countries like Tanzania with low adaptive capacity have no option than to brace for more impact.

“We know what is required and we know that if the world will not act accordingly the countries like ours with low adaptive capacity have no option than to brace for more impact, however what all to remember is when the drastic climate change is heat it will choose no location might a week poor of rich country,” she insisted.  

President Hassan made the call yesterday in Scotland, United Kingdom where she addressed the participants in the United Nation Climate Change Conference United Kingdom 2021 that the time act is now.

She said the developed countries should scale up their measures and mitigation on climate change by providing predictable and adequate funds to enable the low income countries to achieve ambitious national sustainable goals.

“We have experienced unpredictable floods and droughts, we have experienced all this despite our resolve to dedicate 48 million hectors to forest conservation as global services to carbon consequences,” she said adding if developing countries have shown such leadership why larger countries lag behind.

She told the conference that Tanzania has not been spared by adverse events, including rising sea levels that are eating away arable land, while Mount Kilimanjaro is drastically becoming bald due to melting glaciers. Zanzibar is struggling with temperature raises that are impacting the tourism ecology.

“For sure we know what is needed and we know what works. Our solidarity as leaders will be measured not by the set high ambitions we make today but our actions across all the pillars of Paris agreement mitigation, adaptation and financing,” she explained.

Explained further “What does all this mean for a poor country like Tanzania? It means 30 percent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from agriculture, forest and fisheries is not sustainable. To combat causes and effects of climate change at still low pace the Paris goal of achieving 1.5 degrees is here to be met while more commitment is required.”

“When Tanzania decides to take swift action risking our development agenda in prosperity we have in place the national climate change and the national determination and reducing greenhouse gases emission economy wide between our power generation from 30 percent and 35 percent by 2030. On the mitigation front through hydro, geothermal, solar we have managed to increase from 43 per cent to 70 percent in 2020. Our reforestation rate increased from 25 percent to 27 percent in 2020 with every year planting of new trees totaling 276 million,” she said.


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