Did you know instrument strings were made from animals?

Did you know instrument strings were made from animals?. The strings of string instruments were originally made from the guts of animals like sheep or lambs. Now, instrument makers have transitioned to metal wiring. But before metal, it was common for all string instruments to be made from the guts of the animals geographically available to the makers. 

Classical guitar strings were originally made with animal intestine and silk wound with animal intestine up until World War II, when war restrictions led Albert Augustine Ltd. to develop nylon strings. Nylon guitar strings were put into production in 1948. Strings made from fluorocarbon polymers have since been developed and are the main alternative to nylon strings.

Today, very few instruments are made with animal products. Gut strings are the only animal-derived product still commonly used in the creation of musical instruments.

However, even gut strings most commonly found on very expensive tennis rackets, guitars, violins, and other stringed instruments can easily be replaced with synthetics like nylon or steel. Almost any music store should be able to accommodate your request for a cruelty-free instrument. Before making a purchase, take the time to verify that the instrument is free of animal products by using the following information as a guide.

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