Stamina Ft Belle 9 – Israel

MP3 DOWNLOAD Stamina Ft Aslay - Walete
MP3 DOWNLOAD Stamina Ft Belle 9 – Israel

Stamina Shorwe Bwenzi is an artist, singer, songwriter, and rapper from Tanzania. Stamina together with Roma form Rostam a hip-hop duo in Tanzania.

Paradiso Album a new project of Rostam member better known as Stamina contains a song that inspires society like Poverty, Adaption, Rhythm, Adventure, Death, Sacrifice, Oblongata, and so on

A new album from Stamina album is called Paradiso Album, it has a total of 16 songs, only 2 songs have been released, all remaining 14 songs are new and have never been heard anywhere before.

Israel, a number ten song from Paradiso Album performed by the  Rostam member better known as Stamina Featuring Tanzanian artist Belle 9.

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